About TDSI

Innovative Products

UK-based TDSi develops and designs a diverse product portfolio to meet various installation needs. Prioritizing customer requirements, our specialist team creates products for maximum safety, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Approved Installers

We offer all installers access to our Gateway Training programme. The course has been carefully designed to ensure our Authorised, Gold and Platinum installers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to efficiently install, maintain and upgrade TDSi products. We aim to give engineers the confidence to proactively manage their own installations.

Solutions for all Sectors

We have built extensive project experience across a range of businesses, in both the private and public sectors. Working across the education, healthcare, leisure, transport, industrial, commercial, government, utilities and banking & finance sectors, we have products and experience to deliver systems for all applications around the world.


About TDSI

New Company. Same Great Products.

DSi has a wealth of experience in the development, manufacturing and delivery of innovative access control solutions. Since the company’s formation over 40 years ago, we have successfully supplied systems to over 100,000 installations across the world.

Whilst our reputation is founded in Access Control, many of our products are developed to integrate seamlessly with other security and building management systems.

With every development that we bring to market, we aim to provide the systems and support required by our customers to keep pace with today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

TDSi is a member of the Vitaprotech Group

The group’s mission is to secure physical access in two critical areas: perimeter intrusion detection and access control and security.

Vitaprotech is the European leader in securing physical access to sensitive sites through its brands:


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